Thanks for showing interest to shop at There is a reward for every activity that you conduct at Jabrichank. You need to join Jabrichank and be a member to enjoy these rewards. Below is a list of the rewards you currently get.

(1) 1 point for every dollar you spend

(2) 10 points every time you celebrate your birthday

(3) 5 points for following Jabrichank on twitter

(4) 5 points every time you tweet about Jabrichank

(5) 5 points every time you share about Jabrichank on facebook

(6) 5 points every time you like Jabrichank on facebook

(7) 5 points every time you review a product you bought

(8) $1 every time you refer someone to Jabrichank. The referral gets 1% discount at checkout.

(9) 1.5% discount at checkout every time you review a product you bought at Jabrichank

(10) 2% discount at checkout every time you tweet and share about your Jabrichank purchase on twitter and facebook.

(11) 2% discount at checkout every time you make a photo review about the product you bought at Jabrichank.

(12) Free product at checkout

(13) Free shipping discount at checkout

(14) 10 points for joining Jabrichank.

Earned points and discounts can be redeemed as discounts towards your purchase at checkout. The more points and discounts you earn the lower your purchase price resulting in more savings.

To give you absolute piece of mind when buying from Jabrichank, you get the following benefits:

  1. Pay once the ordered item has been delivered. This gives you the opportunity to test the product before you can pay for it. 
  2. Identity theft protection up to $110,000. This restores your identity if compromised or stolen while online.

All these benefits are offered free of charge to Jabrichank customers.

Visit the Url below to register for an account at and start enjoying your benefits.

Upon registration you start to benefit from all your activities at Jabrichank continues to evolve hence more benefits are coming to give you the very best shopping experience you deserve.

Click the Earn Rewards widget on the footer right corner to see your rewards.

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