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  1. Who is Jabrichank?

Jabrichank is your marketplace for affordable quality products ranging from cell phones and accessories, electronics, clothing, shoes, fragrances, books and stationery, cameras, computers and accessories, pet supplies, jewellery and watches, auto parts, music, musical instruments, sporting goods, and more.


  1. Where is Jabrichank located?

Jabrichank is located at 909 Silber Road, Houston, Texas, 77024, USA.


  1. When did Jabrichank begin operations?

Jabrichank began operation in 2013


  1. Who can buy products from Jabrichank?

Persons who are 18 years old and above can shop at Jabrichank.


  1. Which payment methods can be used to buy products at Jabrichank?

Currently all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club), Paypal, SEPA, Alipay, and Bitcoin are the acceptable methods of payment. More methods will be added as time progresses. US residents can also use Paypal Credit to pay for purchases.


  1. Where in the world can Jabrichank deliver purchases?

Jabrichank uses shipping careers to deliver purchases across the US and globally.


  1. What is the cost of delivering purchases from Jabrichank?

All purchases are delivered free of charge to customers across the globe. 

  1. What incentives does Jabrichank provide to customers to purchase more?

Jabrichank provides discount coupons and reward points which are redeemable against purchases. The net effect is a reduction in the amount paid for orders. The more a customer buys at Jabrichank the more discounts and rewards become available which keep reducing the amount paid for orders.


  1. How do I register for Jabrichank?

To register for Jabrichank, click Register on top menu. Then click create account and follow the prompt to become a member.


  1. How do I login to Jabrichank?

To login to Jabrichank, click Log in on the top menu to sign in. You only need the email address you used to register and your password to sign in.


  1. How do I buy products at Jabrichank?

Once you are logged in, click Catalog on the top menu and choose the product you are interested in. Choose your preferred item and follow the checkout process. Equally you can choose products from the featured category and then follow the checkout process to order your products.

Another way of selecting products to buy is visiting Collections on the top menu. Select the product category you are interested in then follow the checkout process to order your product.


  1. How do I earn my Jabrichank rewards?

First you need to register with Jabrichank to start earning your rewards. Once you are a member click the bar on the right foot of Jabrichank which says Your Jabrichank Rewards. You get rewards points for inviting people to joing Jabrichank. Whenever they register for Jabrichank via your referral link you earn points. Your referral link is always displayed within your Jabrichank Reward Points.

When your referrals place orders you earn reward points. Likewise when you buy something from Jabrichank you earn reward points. The more orders your referrals place at Jabrichank the more rewards points you earn. Likewise the more orders you place at Jabrichank the more reward points you earn.

Jabrichank Reward Points has twitter and facebook shares embedded and visible to members. When you share or tweet about Jabrichank you earn reward points. There are intervals upon which you can share or tweet. The more you share and tweet about Jabrichank the more reward points you earn. Likewise the more your referrals tweet and share about Jabrichank the more points you and them earn.

The rewards points accumulated can be redeemed against your Jabrichank purchases. When you choose to redeem your reward points you get a coupon code to place in your checkout coupon box to get discounts on your orders. If you accumulate a lot of reward points your purchases are always discounted resulting much more cheaper orders and less money from your pocket.

If you combine the reward points discounts and the other discounts from Jabrichank your orders even become much more cheaper resulting in more reduced out of pocket money to place orders.


  1. How do I get my Jabrichank discounts?

You get your Jabrichank discounts when you redeem your Jabrichank Reward Points when ordering products from Jabrichank. All your discounts are reflected at checkout.


  1. What shipping address do I use when placing my order?

If you are in the US use your US physical address as your shipping address. If you are outside the US, use your international shipping address to order items.


  1. Is my billing address the same as my shipping address?

Sometimes your billing address can be the same as your shipping address. Sometimes the two can be different depending on where you want your orders to be delivered. There is no harm in having the two addresses different or the same.


  1. What are the hours of operation for Jabrichank?

Jabrichank works 24/7. You can place your order anytime. However, if you want to contact us by phone or through live chat, we are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm EST. Outside these times we can be reached by email by clicking the Contact us button on the bottom menu. If for whatever reason we are unavailable by phone or live chat during daytime, please email us and we shall respond at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Can everyone submit product reviews to Jabrichank?

Only customers who have bought items at Jabrichank can post reviews to Jabrichank. A few days after purchasing from Jabrichank we ask our customers to submit a review for each product they have bought from Jabrichank. The review help us to know how our customers feel about the products we sell so that we can improve where possible and deliver best quality products that our customers enjoy. Please submit genuine and constructive reviews so that we can act on them where necessary to improve.


  18. What do I do if I do not have an apartment number when placing an order?

Just enter zero for apartment number if you do not have an apartment number or do not live in an apartment. If you have a house number just enter your house number. 


19. How do I contact

Click Contact us on the footer menu to send us a message. Alternatively you can send a message to You can also call us at +1.832.743.9418. 

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