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Every customer is important to us. We ensure that all our customers get what they ordered within the shortest time possible. Whilst committed to best customer service, we acknowledge that on very rare occasions unforeseen events may compromise our service delivery. In this regard, we provide a shopping guarantee with a maximum of $1000 per order. This means that if, in the unlikely event, a customer does not get what was ordered or receives the item(s) but not as advertised, the customer can file a claim up to $1000 to get a refund for the purchase price. The claim must be filed within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Aside from the shopping guarantee we also offer a lowest price guarantee. This means that if within 30 days of purchase a customer discovers that the price that was paid for an item has dropped, the customers can file a claim for the difference up to $100. This ensures that when you buy from us you get the best price for your item. 

At Jabrichank we protect the identity of our customers. When you buy from Jabrichank you are instantly covered from identity theft even if your identity is stolen elsewhere up to $10,000. Once a customer discovers that his/her identity has been stolen the customer can make a claim up to $10,000 to recover or restore the stolen identity. The claim must be made within 90 days from the date of purchase from Jabrichank.

Every customer automatically enjoys the above three benefits when they buy anything from us. When your shopping is complete you automatically receive a shopping guarantee certificate which you can use to file your claim if necessary. The cost of providing all these benefits are all on us hence free to all our customers.