UTG Pro US Made 30mm Rings, High, POI Picatinny P892-PY-A-7322

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UTG Pro (Precision Optics Interface)

Made in the USA 30mm Picatinny scope rings High profile Precision machined, aluminum and steel construction finished with hard coat anodizing Integral squared recoil stop Low-profile torx locking slide plate with dial spring-loaded guide rods Live fire recoil repetition tested Inner ring surface is precision machined 30 mm diameter 37 mm center height 22 mm width Includes: 2 ring pieces, each equipped with 4 torx screws



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Daniel 23rd Jul 2017

Work great!.

Work great!...Father n law liked them and ordered a pair for himself...use it to hold my Vortex crossfire II....after 100 rounds on my .308 rings are prefect in place.

Hard to kill 23rd Jul 2017


Qualifier: I am NOT comparing these rings to something like a set of A.R.M.S. or steel Tally's, Niteforce, ect... BUT I can say that for the duty that a civilian will see these rings are as good or better than any other out there, including many steel rings. I installed them on a quality steel picitinny rail, torqued them to 45 in/lb and checked them with a 30mm indexing shaft and they were absolutely parallel. The caps pulled down square and after torquing to 25in/lb, were rock solid. I bore-sighted and removed and replaced the whole assembly 3 times and it returned to zero exactly (bore-sight). I'm going to shoot the grid, remove it all, re-install and shoot again for a final test. I've got s feeling I will like the result as NO other rings I've tried (including Tally's) have passed this test.

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