Whistler Inverter Cable (for Whipxp3000i) (pack of 1 Ea) X662-RA15878

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Package: 1 Ea

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Fits Whistler Pro 3,000W Power Inverters


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Jeff P.VINE VOICE 23rd Jul 2017

I wish they had several lengths to choose from but I'm happy

I bought two pairs, one to connect one 12V battery to another in parallel (creating what they call a battery bank) and the other pair to connect the 2nd battery to a Whistler Pro-2000 power inverter. In my situation, a one-foot pair would have sufficed to connect the batteries and a two-foot pair would have worked to connect the second battery to the inverter. As it is, the arrangement looks a little disorganized but I wasn't out to win any awards for style. These are good, solid, high-quality cables that do the job. I've run the inverter under load for hours trying to test the limits of the batteries and these cables don't get even slightly warm. That suggests to me that they are providing very little resistance to the flow of electricity which is what you want for efficiency and safety. Very happy with this purchase.

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